The two most common complaints I hear from patients are, #1 they can’t sleep, and #2 they can’t lose weight. The two, as it turns out, are connected (will be writing more on sleep). Just look around you, there is an epidemic of obesity. Traditional medicine has taken the approach that it’s simple math, burn more calories than you take in, and the weight comes off. If it doesn’t, it’s because you are cheating, or lazy.

Other mistakes the establishment has made include the “food pyramid” and the fact that eating fat causes obesity and heart disease; well-meaning, perhaps, but pure nonsense none-the-less. How about “Wheat is the staff of life?” “Breakfast is the most important meal of the day?” “Coke is the real thing?” “Orange juice brings the goodness of sunshine?” “Wheaties is the breakfast of champions?” “Mountain Dew, it’s good for you?” Good marketing, but how much truth is in advertising?

If you want to know how to eat, look back at what our ancestors ate during hundreds of millions of years of evolution. I’m not talking about the “Biblical Grains.” Grains weren’t a significant part of the hominid diet before the last 10,000 years or so; a long time to live, surely, but not a long time to evolve. Our ancestors ate fewer simple carbohydrates in 24 hours than is in 6 ounces of soda. And they didn’t eat many meals a day – there wasn’t food readily available, no grocery stores, fast food restaurants, or processed food. They slept when the sun went down, awoke when it came up, and were very active during the day.

So, it’s simple, wear nothing but a loin cloth, sleep in a cave and eat nuts, berries and avoid the occasional saber tooth tiger! Guaranteed to lose weight or die trying.

Seriously, sleep 7-8 hours, exercise, eat few times a day, avoid processed food like the plaque, think of sugar and simple carbs as poison, stick to proteins and good fats. You will feel better, sleep better, lose weight and live healthy and longer.

If you need help in creating a better diet and losing weight we can help you. Call for a consultation.

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