Medically Supervised Weight Management for Life

Cornerstone Wellness is an evidence-based, nutritionally sound weight management program designed to help physicians treat patients with metabolic syndrome.  The program are proven to:

  • maximize fat loss
  • preserve lean body mass
  • prevent decreases in metabolic rate (BMR)
  • stabilize insulin and glucose levels
  • provide optimal nutrition
  • promote lifestyle modification

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A proven and sensible program that maximizes fat loss while preserving muscle

Cornerstone Wellness is a medically supervised weight management program available only through physicians.  The program offers a safe and sensible approach to help you gradually lose excess body fat while preserving muscle (lean body mass).  You’ll follow a moderately-reduced calorie plan with healthy, wholesome everyday foods from your grocery store, coupled with delicious, high-protein meal replacement shakes provided by your physician.  The program also includes clinically proven nutraceutical supplements specifically formulated to stabilize blood sugar levels, reduce hunger cravings and stimulate fat loss.

To get started with Cornerstone Wellness, your physician will perform a simple, painless diagnostic test using a handheld device to determine your metabolic requirements and body composition.  Your test results, combined with your medical history, will be used to create a customized and flexible diet and exercise program tailored specifically to your goals and desires.  A Cornerstone Wellness Coach in your physician’s office will review the plan with you and meet with you regularly for support, feedback and behavioral education. Your coach will periodically re-test your body composition and metabolic rate to help you track your fat loss and adjust your plan as needed.

Cornerstone Wellness Program Products:

Meal Replacement: The Cornerstone Wellness Meal Replacement shakes are specifically formulated for fat loss, maintenance of lean body mass, satiety and management of metabolic syndrome co-morbidities.

OmegaHealth: An ultra-purified, super high dose omega 3 supplement which is critical for the management of metabolic syndrome as it increases insulin sensitivity, lowers triglycerides, decreases endothelial inflammation, improves platelet function, lowers atherogenic, small dense LDL and improves arterial compliance resulting in better blood pressure control.

MetAssist: A collection of several key nutraceuticals to lower insulin and serum glucose levels, lower inflammatory markers, decrease appetite and feeding behavior resulting in demonstrated loss of body weight as much as 5.4% in 8 weeks.

Technology support: Powerful and effective Web application that integrates with the Body Composition Analyzer to custom meal planning and exercise prescription tool, provides ongoing progress tracking and motivational feedback.

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Common Questions:

How much can I expect to lose?

With a properly managed diet and exercise program most people can expect to lose 1-2 lbs of fat or more per week. Although it is difficult to predict how much weight you will lose, the goal of Cornerstone Wellness Program is to maximize fat loss and preserve lean body mass.  We work closely with you to make sure the weight you are losing is, in fact, fat and that you are maintaining optimal health and energy levels throughout the program.

Will I be hungry?

The Cornerstone Wellness high-protein meal replacement formula and nutritional supplements are designed to specifically help decrease hunger cravings while maximizing fat loss.  Combined with a balanced meal plan, most people find the program satisfying and easy to follow.

What makes this program different than all the others?

It’s safe, easy and scientifically sound.  The Cornerstone Wellness Program is designed and managed by physicians so you can be confident that you’re doing what’s best for your health and well-being.  The program uses state-of-the-art, proven technology to track and monitor your progress and give you useful and motivational feedback.

How much does it cost?

The cost of the Cornerstone Wellness Program will vary depending on your customized plan.  Ask your physician for more information.